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This site is about my ebook that is all about how to cure a great many illnesses and diseases for very little or no cost at all, just by using what nature has provided us.

I explain it simple, straight forward, blunt and to the point. 

All my life I have passionately researched natural therapies and cures that cost little or nothing to do,  with no risk of side effect, while still being totally effective. 

I take the approach of understanding the cause of a health problem, and curing that,  most modern medicine seems to only hide the symptoms. 

This little book will have a profound and lasting affect on your good health forever.

By knowing the most basic fundamentals on how to achieve perfect health, in the simplest and easiest ways possible, there is far greater chances you will actually do it, and be healthier, instead of telling yourself  "one day I will do it "

I know and understand that with most people, if something is too hard and complicated, or costs a lot of money, then you put it off and don't do it.

That's why this book is perfect for you,  everything is so simple and easy, while being totally effective.

Please read the testimonials on the left side here,  that says it all.

There are so many wonderful health secrets about cures that have been used  successfully for thousands of years, that you be so glad you could find out about them.


Introductory price only $7 !!!

this offer is only for available for a limited time

then the price will be $17



Please put aside 5 or 10 mins to read through to learn lots of simple, easy and FREE ways to cure illnesses, diseases and prevent and protect yourself from cancer.

Also . . . please join as a member, for regular updates.

Its free to join and I will never ask you for private details, send you spam or try to sell or promote products, other than my ebooks, that have much more valuable information than here.

To join, just run your mouse over the word   "Members"   at top of page and click when it highlights, it only takes moments to sign up, and you will also get updates on latest research, as better health through natural therapies is one of my greatest passions in life.

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This  takes under an hour to read the whole book, it will surprise you, it will open your eyes to just how simple and easy better health really is,  it will amaze you and leave a lasting impact on you, and you will have more control over your health and your weight forever.


PLUS . . . . .you might just find the perfect  FREE  cure to a health problem you or a loved one may have.

Find me on facebook and friend me, as I often re-post very interesting health articles.


Introductory price only $7  !!!

this offer is only for available for a limited time

then the price will be  $17



 As an added bonus I will also include for FREE

Cancer Prevention  ebook    [ $10]

AND  also for FREE I will include

NO DIET WEIGHT LOSS  ebook   [worth $10]

              Thats a value of  $37


          for only $7  !


You cant put a price on good health, in  my ebooks is the most important and valuable information you will ever find.

Its all simple, easy, straightforward, blunt and to the point.

What I would like is for you to share with me any health problems you may have so that I may find the most easiest, safest perfect cost free cure for you too.

Anything you ask me or tell me will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Also . . . before self diagnosis, please consult a doctor, and when I cure you, please go back and tell the doctor, so they can help other patients.



This book is all about how to cure a great many illnesses and diseases for no cost at all, just by using what nature has provided us.



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 To find out about my first book that is now available in hard copy as well as ebook,

 Listen to radio interview about my book NO DIET WEIGHT LOSS



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  Here is a sample of what is in my  FREE HEALTH CURES ebook



There are lots of common plants everywhere that are so extremely helpful for all sorts of problems. 

Lavender,  is brilliant for crushing fresh leaves and sniffing it to ease the effects of hay fever, asthma, or a blocked nose, as it helps to loosen and liquefy the mucus.


Another quick cure for a blocked nose is to massage and squeeze the balls of the toes, especially the middle toes.


For a  sore throat,  suck a spoon of straight honey slowly by itself.


If everyone has colds in your home,  get a really old pot with a little water and some fresh eucalyptus leaves [lemon scented is the nicest] and boil on the stove, makes the house smell great and helps to kill airborne germs. 

Be careful not to let it boil dry and don't use pan for food after.


Rosemary or lavender leaves used in the same way, by boiling leaves in a pot of water also works well as a house hold air freshener, and its free ! 


Whats the very best all round  moisturizer [but not to go and sun bake with]  to use for children or anyone with allergies or sensitive skin ? 

Olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, macadamia oil or any pure natural cold pressed oil.

 Why, you ask ?

Because the skin is the 2nd largest organ in the body, [the water in your body is the largest]  and everything you put on your skin goes  INTO  your body,  so . . . if you would not put it in your mouth,  do not put it on your body.


Margarine also contains vitamins A + D,  the 2 of the most important vitamins for the repair of skin, and I have had astounding success with curing people of psoriasis by using margarine very regularly and keeping it moist with it until the new skin came through healthy and repaired.  Cost next to nothing compared to the chemical based expensive creams that only "hide" the symptom, not fix the cause.

Warts,  gone easily and painlessly with applying the sap from milk thistle weed.

Stress headache ?

Just massage the fleshy bump between the thumb and fore finger, and a slow gentle scalp and neck massage.  Takes less than 5 minutes time to treat someone to this, make them sit and relax for a short time after, and no pills needed,  better in less than 10 minutes, but pills cost and take 20 minutes to work.

Eye strain headache ?

Slowly and gently massage the temples and scalp, rest with eyes closed for a few minutes with a wet or very damp cool cloth over eyes.

High blood pressure ?  

Eat at least 2 cloves of garlic every day to bring it down, and try to avoid lots of onions.


Studying of have an exam ?   Rosemary is the herb of remembrance, and the scent of it does actually help you to be more mentally alert as does eating ginger.


Long distance truck driver ?  long hours where you get tired ?  Try eating some GINGER, it really helps to keep you more alert.


Liver damage ?  been a drinker or taken lots of chemical medications ?  if so there is a good chance you will have some liver damage.  Beetroot juice has been proven to repair the liver, its a pleasantly delicious drink too !

Cancer ?  there are quite a few natural foods that stop or slow cancers and tumors.  Asparagus, dark grape juice, apricot kernels and broccoli sprouts, paw paw fruit and paw paw leaf tea, other fruits such as graviola or sour sop, are among the most powerful with lots of medical proof that shows this.


Get my ebook now while its only $7

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Some of my philosophy's in life are . . . . .

Food nourishes the body, like knowledge nourishes the mind,  

and love nourishes the soul.


The brain is like a muscle, the more you use it,

the better and stronger it is.

Nourish the mind with knowledge,

and it will reward you  with insight and wisdom.

and . . . how quickly the world forgot the thalidomide babies !



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for vital cancer cure info



Here is another very simple and easy rule of thumb;

Any food that is just picked or natural fresh and raw takes weight off.

Anything heavily processed, or cooked in processed heat treated blended oils puts weight on.

Get all this valuable information, plus more in my ebook

usual price will be $17 for this ebook,  but for a limited time

 it will only be $7, and included FREE are my 2 other ebooks,

NO DIET WEIGHT LOSS  valued at $10






If you are truly appreciative of the information on my sites, please feel free to make a donation, that way I will actually get a website professional  to redesign my sites, 

I may be very clever at some things, but not everything,  I am learning by trial and error to do all my sites myself.



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